SelfMade Slickk, a hip-hop and R&B recording artist born in Long Island, New York and raised in Howard County, Maryland. Slickk was raised by his mother while his dad passed away when he was just a toddler, with hope to still have a father figure in his life, his grandfather passed away two days after his high school graduation. A relentless young artist looking to create peace within himself and express his emotions through his music. Slickk creates music with the hope that someone else may relate to what he may be going through, from dealing with a lost loved one, relationship issues, or just doing what he had to do to become a man without a father figure in his life. Slickk motivates himself by taking his music career one day at a time with the goal of getting signed by a major record label in order to put him and his family in a better position. In May of 2020, SelfMade Slickk signed with Sinaloa Music to help bring his music career goals to life. Now partnered with the best of the best management and artist development company, Slickk has a future no one will see coming.

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